125cc Course


In order to get your permit you must train for 10 hours, 7 hours of which will be practical. ThrottleX will then issue a certificate and Transport Malta will update your license.

All practical lessons are carried out on one-to- one basis and conducted at a time of your choice.


The syllabus modules are divided into the following stages:

Module 1. Introduction (1.5 hrs)

Module 2. Theory on-site training (1.5 hrs)

Module 3. Practical on-site riding (2 hrs)

Module 4. Practical on-road training (3 hrs)

Module 5. Practical on-road riding (2 hrs)


  • Motorcycle capacity must be not more than 125cc and not exceed 11 kW. Also, power to weight ratio must not exceed 0.1 kW/kg
  • You can choose to learn on an AUTOMATIC or a MANUAL motorcycle.  However, if the training starts with an automatic motorcycle, you will only be allowed to drive an automatic motorcycle. If you choose to do your training on a manual motorcycle, you will be allowed to drive manual, semi-automatic and automatic motorcycles.
  • You cannot carry a pillion.


Price: €180 (including application fee)