AFX FX-105 Thunderchief Solid Gray Frost Helmet



AFX FX-105 Thunderchief Solid Gray Frost Helmet Integral Helmet

  • Aerodynamic shell, made of state-of-the-art polymer fiber reinforced glass, lightweight and resistant at the same time
  • The innovative and ultra-lightweight Cone-Head® Protection System® is designed to provide a lighter helmet that adheres better to the head
  • Integrated sun visor
  • Transparent coating protects the paint and graphics
  • The undercoat and pillows made of hypoallergenic and antimicrobial nylon are removable, customizable and washable
  • Earphones
  • Lifting, fastening, quick release, one-way screw; the visor ismade of precision scratch resistant material with correct optics and UV protection
  • Three-color visors
  • Nine ventilation openings on chin, front, top and back
  • The fastening system is race-proof, quick-release, and with the ECE logo sewn
  • Calotte and EPS of two sizes
  • Deluxe carrying bag
  • With ECE type approval 22.05

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